Friday, January 19, 2018

So I made the Dallas newspaper opinion column.
Buzzkill when my friend heard about it over dinner the other night then got all aggressive/snarky with his comments (questioning why I was going to the march etc. etc.)
Then Jamie got pissed off at the way he was talking to me and oh lord…
but hey I kept my composure this time…
what a beating…

Also went to a grassroots social happy hour last night-
I described it  as
"Met a whole lotta nice/fun people 
with MEGA "pulled in a million directions" energy 
(*squirrel!*) - 
that made for great people watching. " :) 

Well it helped too that I met Jamie for dinner first and the cocktails went down well before I even got there- heh :)  The part I didn't expect is I met all my candidates in one sitting - they basically were rotating and since I sat still I was able to narrow down the 2/5 minutes attention.  It was pretty cool and I've made my decisions.
I still felt the need to make it known that I don't consider myself a democrat though...just because I feel I've been pushed that way, I don't like the label. These reps need to remember that they are representing a wide variety of people in their districts. I think that's a part where representatives go wrong...

Dinner with the old neighbors tonight....
March tomorrow

Hate to Want You - Alisha Rai - Second chance - childhood friends/romance. Family separates them.  Not bad.
Someone Like You - Lauren Layne - This one's the end of the series and she always hinted that he had hidden depths. I think she did good with tip toeing the loyalty line. 

Thursday, January 11, 2018

I'm in a mood....

All this skepticism/snark/mockery in regards to the time's up/ metoo/women's movement is interesting. I'm curious as to how it's affecting personal relationships?
Jamie was (and likely still is) baffled at my recent involvement in local politics and need to go to the women's march next week. But he's never tried to mock or deny my thoughts or concern.
And quite frankly I don't need to get him to see from my perspective - I just recognize and truly appreciate his support.
So perhaps (before defaulting to derision) maybe people should try to say "I support you" wife/friend/mother etc. and see how that changes relationship dynamic?

Also, it's worrying that people are not seeing the bigger picture on these "tax breaks". It almost like "here throw them the bone...all they'll see is that they're getting something. They'll be so focused on the bone they don't see that we're getting all the meat."
Like seriously...don't they wonder why it was shoved through?

ANYWAY....moving on! I keep thinking I'll get tired of New Orleans and it's not happening - our Saturday day trip blew by. We jumped 7 places and again never touched the Quarter.

I'm getting really bad about tracking my books...
Laurelin Paige - Porn star - so yeah...reading about it the same as watching I hung on to get a better glimpse of the relationship part of the story...and it was ok. 
Samantha Chase- Friday Night Brides - eh. i read it. 4 girlfriends stories. pretty shallow overall.
Wake a Sleeping Tiger - Lora Leigh - i read it...liked them as individuals but guess? Wished she would've gone more into detail about why/how his recessed genes happened. 

And so we Charley Crockett old school/new school

Friday, January 5, 2018

Oy. I have no idea how people with kids do it...I can't hardly keep up with my own schedule. Looking at the calendar - most weekends through June seem to be filling up already!

Family cruise ship to Alaska is booked - lord...we'll be locked on a ship for the first 3 nights.
I'll stock up on books but ....I'm going to go stir crazy...Jamie's going to make sure it happens.

So one of the books I read last is a las vegas story -
The only time I've ever stayed up til the sun came up was in LV....dark rooms, bright have no idea what time it is. 

Several friends/family the last few months asked for suggestions on what to do "for cheap"....i struggle, LV is not the place to go to if you don't have any money.
First time I went was in college with my best friend at the time. Her grandma lived in a mobile home - so we had that free at least. ( I'd never been in one before...if she hadn't told me it was a mobile home I wouldn't have noticed. It was a big 3 bedroom.)

Anyway, we had no idea what we were doing, and had no money to do it with. We walked a lot and got blisters on our feet cause all the signs look like they're "just right there" We drove over to hoover dam...that was cheap. But yeah LV isn't the city to go to if you have no money.
Jamie has a work thing out there in May, I might go with him...last time (I think my 5th time?) I swore would be the last time to go. It seems to keep drawing me back in...?

My mom is on her way up. We leave for New Orleans day trip tomorrow.
I still have Christmas stuff I haven't put away...I'm trying to convince Jamie we go on NYD party hiatus next year....I'm beat every time....and this year wasn't even crazy....we'll see.

Lessons from a Scandalous Bride: Forgotten Princesses - Sophie Jordan - girl is "recognized" by father, tries to marry an old man to provide for siblings but distracted by Scottish guy. Good, quick ready. 
Good Girl Gone Badd - Jasinda Wilder - the mma fighter brother meets ms. priss that almost gets steamrolled by her father.
Shine Not Burn - Elle Casey - a Las Vegas story...I'm sorry I hear about black out drunk but I think this took it way far. Also, I just have a hard time with the country boy/city girl thing. It's just really far fetched for the way they were written. The vows were pretty funny though. 
Started Christmas Anthology - fnished Lisa Kleypas story -