Monday, May 22, 2017

annnd this gal is officially not cut out to be a Southern gal.

annnd this gal is officially not cut out to be a Southern gal.
(Not that I didn't like it...good food, people were super nice -  especially in Alabama. )

Flew in, had breakfast at Fife's Birmingham - Good. it was packed on a Thursday morning!
Then drove 2.5 hours into East Mississippi.

So...I've been to several college towns - Mississippi State is definitely different.
Granted, school's out - but..... they.  have.  no.  bars.  there bars and hardly any restaurants.
What kids do is join the greek system and have house parties.
trying not to judge here -  but how utterly boring that must get after a while.

39 kids in the nephew's graduating class....
They all look the same.
Serious - especially the girls, thin-ish, prettyish/plainish,  light brown straight hair just passed the shoulders.
It took an hour to graduate them...nice.
Little Dooey's - top level chicken tenders.
No bars. to bed.
Good luck at MSU nephew.

Tuscaloosa/University of Alabama -  It feels like the whole state of Alabama routes their money (and hopes and dreams) here. nice, BIG campus. Crimson, A's and elephants everywhere. Rama Jama for the staple place.

Back to Birmingham - constantly feels of trying to revive after being deserted, town feel.
Collins bar - good cocktails (though just a little pretentious bartenders).
Galley and Garden - good food. Generic on the ambiance.  Tryin' a little hard to be cool?
Holler and Dash - biscuits and gravy - yes. good. only weird that they couldn't make an egg over easy. "must be over hard per State Law"....who the heckfire eats an over heard breakfast egg?!!!
Iron City venue - good venue. They started at 8am on the dot! Mini Bomb Factory-esque. Strange crowd for Old 97's/Turnpike - they didn't hardly know Old 97s...definitely into TT. 
Saw's BBQ has no ribs

still they redeemed by their chicken and banana pudding. I'm gonna crave the banana pudding.
No idea how people bear the heat of standing in line/sitting outside in summer times?
The humidity is killer ...

I can't handle any more fried food
more... where we went (cities and town in both states) it feels almost ghosttown-ish with basically only the school/football pride as is it's lifeblood.
Also, it has a strong feel of people sticking to "their own".
Now that I think about it  - I aw one Latino man at a gas station (in the middle of no where between the two states) He kept looking at me like I was a unicorn.
Serious...we got in the car and Jamie was like "Did you see that guy looking at you like that?" umm...yes Jamie yes...poor guy must miss his people . heh...smh. 

re-read Kristan Higgins mostly but did read a Balogh - Heartless - not that I didn't like it, I just have read so many of the "obsessed villian" story. I'm curious about the deaf sister path. We'll see.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

hello Alabama (and Mississippi)

Of course I feel like doodoo right now ...we leave for Birmingham tomorrow -
2.5 hour drive into Mississippi for the nephew's high school graduation of 39 kids in his class.

Talk about the middle of no where -

still...might be interesting to see for this "only ever lived in the city-gal" to go see real country life...

I'm just glad the kid settled over there and is graduating...he is/was not suited to handle all the bad influences of living in Dallas.
We'll see how he handles college (where most everyone else loses their minds) oy. 

Then we back to Birmingham to see Turnpike Troubadours and Old 97's together - yay fun times!

my favorite Alabaman! (Alabamian? Alabamite?) -
we'll see how we like the feel....

Monday, May 15, 2017

time(s) in history.

Yep Jamie and I got in a big ol' argument Friday - went to sleep pissed off at each other
...first time ever it wasn't because one (or both) of us had been drinkin' (heh...smh).

Based on most of my previous posts, not hard to figure out what it was about. 
I get so freaking frustrated with him though...where I see it as an open conversation stress-reliever - he's seeing it as a stressful and contentious exchange.
But so...i guess for the sake of the relationship, I'm gonna try to avoid the discussion altogether.
Pick my battles, lay off the "dark" stuff and all that shit. 
I've decided not to resent him for it since I'm well aware I'm the one who's changed direction (and lord knows he doesn't adjust to change quickly)
Plus I've found other outlets - don't need him to always be my sounding board, there are other things to talk about -  but seriously....I can totally see how people divorce over this. Just sayin'.

umm what else - finished Kathleen Grissom's - The Kitchen House, my boss told me about -
i think it could've been edited a little more overall, flowed pretty well. oy... deep/dark...heavy - so many terrible stories...and even from people you sometimes felt you should've wanted to not feel sorry for.
what a horrible horrible time in history.

and so Charley Crockett kinda mood -
and this song he said he wrote about his sister who died while his sister's son was in the audience....*feels*