Monday, September 18, 2017

arts and crafts party *insert evil smile here*

ok! i'm still in my hermitting phase - i had six fb event reminders and did I go to any of them? no.
I did arts and crafts shopping and read
The m's came over and we just chilled.
And well Jamie and I bickered a little too...he's in his "fixer" stage....he can fix anything and everything!
...when i just want to throw glitter everywhere, not finish anything and bitch about things.

He leaves for his guys trip this weekend -
I'm going to have an arts and crafts party *insert evil smile here*
...he's already told me he's worried.

Moving on...we happened to pass by the house where the husband killed his estranged wife and 6 (?) of their friends during her football watching party last week. It was taped off....
maybe it's just that i'm just noticing now?...but all I can think is that this is more and more a re-occurring's almost like the way young people are being raised they don't know how to handle failure/failing marriages?...domestic abuse/violence is constant now.

Oh I also wrote to my rep to consider proudly boasting about representing all of the other people in our district, not just the tea party (as he so posted on his fb)....ugh...

The Hot Shot - Kristen Callihan - I vaguely remember the other I read of this series. This one was much more memorable - liked the opposites attract chemistry....even though I think the gal dropped out of character a couple times. 
Reread -  Secrets of a Summer Night (The Wallflowers, Book 1) - Lisa Kleypas - yeah this one's a good re-read rotation book
(And speaking of) The Hooker and the Hermit (Rubgy Book 1) - Penny Reid - she wrote a little close to me telling him in my head to "just walk away, she's too much work" but overall a good read. I think it's a given that if it's a rugby guy there's a little more leeway. Not sure about the next one though....he really came across as make him the lead in the next book?...hmm.

My Sheldonita played a good song this morning on the way to work
...what was it? ......................ahh yes! Bobby Keen
"we made a mess of things, it makes no difference now, lets chalk it all up to the blues..."

Monday, September 11, 2017

believe in you

thought I was gonna have a battle on my hands with AA and VRBO to get refunded for the weekend's hurricane/Destin cancellation. Surprisingly (and gratefully) not so!

So I volunteered to help make care packages for Houston - had to be there by 8am (half asleep) - there were only like 12 people there.
The owner described the trip to Houston last Thursday. "We pulled up to the church seeing hundreds in a line that wasn't moving. Knocked on the door, there was a small group in a prayer circle. Apparently they had nothing left to offer the people, they had submitted a request for assistance and had to resort to praying as a last resort. Fed 700 people that day. This is why we're here..."

A family was there to volunteer - the mother had a moment and started crying, someone asked her if she was ok, she said "I'm just looking at my boys and how proud I am of them right now..." . It was sweet.

It's definitely manual labor - was sore yesterday - I'm glad I went. I'd go again.

Also took BB to the dog pool day - oy that dog *smh*....
she was happy the first 5 minutes,
nervous at 10 minutes with so many dogs showing up
and made a run for the exit at 15 minutes.
They had to catch her. She got in trouble.

We lasted 18 minutes at the pool.

I Knew You Were Trouble - Lauren Layne - actually liked this one, bad timing, hate/love. not bad. 
Challenge - Amy Daws - almost quit after the first few chapters but hung on and she developed the characters better as it went. 
Re-read Eloisa James novella - Winning the Wallflower - again good. 
The Girls: Emma Cline - only a few pages in... 70'sish setting, already losing interest. She's fascinated by "bad" girls....not doing it for me. 

Jamie got home late after going to the Ranger game with his friend....he sang (awfully) Don Williams to me before he could let us go to sleep. And so we Don Williams...cause it's just good music.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

ultima noche mad-house cruella

a man pulled up next to me this morning on the way to work and told me he likes my mini and my hair and my smile. Not like creeper-like though... i didn't think so anyway? 
I think he actually just meant it as a simple compliment...
So I said "thank you!"

Interesting is that I've stopped coloring my hair - ...just got tired of coloring it.
I didn't think it was looking so good right now with an inch growth of canas on the front half of my hair  against the pitch black on the back
 Cruella de Vil here I come....

But hey, that was super nice! I'll take it.
and when i want to add in purple or pink or whatever it'll go in much better with white hair! yay.
 Hopefully it'll look okay...? :o/ Jamie seems to think so...

other news - cancelling my trip to Florida this weekend - bummer - but no way am i playing roulette with this craziness. scary. And so worried about Anguilla.
hope I don't run into issues with vrbo and aa.
I am going a little stir crazy - i need to get out of this city...

Just volunteered to help make care packages for Houston on Saturday...figured the chaos to help is winding down so why not right...

moving on...I turned into a hermitting phase and had a reading frenzy this last weekend  - (besides that boost coffee gave me on Saturday morning when I brought all my Fall stuff down from the attic by myself - whew - who needs uppers when you got caffeine right!) I actually think I read too much, and might've hit my reading poor eyes were dry dry dry the last couple days.

Ten Days in a Mad-House Nellie Bly - super interesting non-fiction read 

Blame It on the Duke: The Disgraceful Dukes - Lenora Bell - he asks her cause he has to, she just wants to travel,  - slow going, finished.

The Pleasures of Passion (The Sinful Suitors Book 4) Sabrina Jeffries - young, asks her to run away she says no, he comes back they're grown, she's widowed w/ child and the spark never went away. not bad, finished.

Date a Douchebag - Sara Ney - #1 - was super warry to start this one d-bags are the worst (even saying it in my head sounds awful) library scene, he's dared, she's underestimated, he's clueless, it works out. Actually (surprisingly) really liked it.
Date a Douchebag - Sara Ney - #2 - another library girl, this guy was so unlikable almost passed redemption. She brought him back but liked #1 better.

The Ugly Duchess (Fairy Tales Book 4) Eloisa James - my kindle says it's a re-read, I just couldnt' remember reading it and I actually really liked it. grew up together, forced-ish marriage, he betrays her, goes away, they grow up, he comes back.

The Duke Is Mine (Fairy Tales Book 3) - Eloisa James - i liked it, the opposites attracted....until they have to go away. skim read to the end. 

And I thought of my ita this morning on the way to work - a beautiful day, windows down and jamming an old school spanish song like she used to listen to. And since apparently my president doesn't very much like my kind, i enjoyed it even more....