Wednesday, July 26, 2017

catch you when the next sunrise comes back around.

watched people get arrested at the state capital live on FB today.
there is so much going on in the state special session and in the country (in general) and most of it is embarrassing/disheartening (enter other pessimistic words here). 
All I can do is shake my head at this point and continue on.

Had a long talk with D about how things are going from her perspective down in South Dallas -  She said people in her area have pretty much just stopped doing much of anything. Saving what they can, not buying, not spending. They've laid of half the people at her work. She knows people that have had things happen to them but don't trust the police to do anything to help so they don't call. She mentioned how laughable it is to be accused of taking advantage of he system wth food stamps when she's never even thought about it and works 7 days a week to support herself and her son.
We both agreed that the awful things are happening faster then we thought and that up  (north of DT) nobody seems to have been effected yet. We guesstimated within a year the "inconveniences" to them will start to finally be noticed.
Maybe we're wrong?...but I've been right so far....And overall i'm beat down today...
The best quote I read today: "I don't know how to get you to care about what's going on. "

Heading to see 1100springs and Stoney tomorrow - def could do with some music therapy

Breath of Magic - Teresa Medeiros - actually no I lasted 2 chapters? a whole lot of non-story. not my style. just no. 
King's Cage (Red Queen) - Victoria Aveyard - thought it was the end.  didn't realize this was a middle (filler book) grr...
The Theory of Attraction - Delphine Dryden - nerd neighbor, she helps him. well it was different. finished it. 
The Dark Lord - Le Veque -  medieval. another i didn't finish. forced myself to to 30% and couldn't hang on anymore. 
Double Dare - R.L. Mathewson - fav. trope hate to love. liked this series enough to follow but this one was her worst IMO. Jumped, finished but really lost interest several times.
The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo - Amy Schumer - just started this one, amusing. That part where she can talk but needs to go hide in the bathroom ha and/or the Irish good-by.....yeah I think we could be friends in real life

so we stoney (as prep) Look at me Fly

Friday, July 21, 2017

what happened

so I love my mother in law - she's funny, loyal, honest, loving etc... 

we were at a restaurant and she and I got to talking about The Handmaid's Tale.
She's just finished reading it and she yells very loudly
"I read it in one day. It was disgusting, it's like the Muslims"
annnnd.... I slowly close my eyes and shake my head. 

I've given up trying to understand - like what happened to make them think/believe some things like that?
We got to the point a couple months ago where she'd made another comment that blew my mind, so I said "knowing the wide variety of books you read, and how that forces you to see things in different perspectives - how can you still feel these ways and think these things about people who don't look, think and talk exactly like you?" She got up from the table and walked away.

We're a little more tentative on "hot" subjects since then...

But that she can read a book like The Handmaid's Tale and be furious is something I guess?

She had no idea women dressed as Handmaid's were in the capital or why - I suggested she look it up and moved on to another topic...
Speaking of...Texas is in special session right now - super important decisions regarding women are being state senator just tweeted that "public participation is good for democracy" but then posted "#20for20" in the same sentence, basically meaning (the way I'm reading it) that "it doesn't matter and I don't give a shit what you're saying, I've already made up my mind. This will pass."
ugh i get so frustrated!!!!!

Moving on..There was a movie in the 90's called "If These Walls Could Talk" - Cher and Jada Pinkett and Sissy Spacek and Demi Moore -  what happened to it? It should be brought back.

I have like 6 TBR books waiting. It's driving me crazy. I don't feel like doing anything this weekend, especially with this heat....we'll see.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

a story (from a gal on the sideline)

the charity event at the frisco ballpark was this weekend, jamie pretty much single-handedly busted his ass to organize it (I'm constantly baffled at the disorganization of the organization) but hey...they raised $1600+ for Children's hospital/Camp Moss. It's something to be proud of.

It was freaking hot outside there for a bit, but these babies and their families come up in their light blue shirts and didn't complain one bit.
In fact, the parents kept saying "thank you, thank you" getting emotional at seeing their child happy.
Everything they have, they put back into the healthcare of their child.
So it's one thing to give money -  but it's amazing to witness (and have just a little bitty part of) people enjoying their time together.

The Millionaire Makeover - Naima Simone - it's just....she just falls right back like that? Still, I finished it...that says something....
Riveted: - Jay Crownover - same kind of girl as the one above - so (too?) nice....but just because it isn't what I would do, doesn't mean it doesn't fit the story...i'd read more of hers, just not eager to do so.
Prisoner of My Desire - Johanna Lindsey - actually not finished yet but yeah i forgot about her books and the reality of the terrible history times. Set in that time I don't guess it's far fetched but lord...halfway through and it's a little overkill for this being a romance genre. Really though I can't help to think that Kresley Cole read this book and then wrote her Demon King book (and that book's a favorite soo)....

oy - just vaguely overheard a co-worker that I've known for 10 years re-telling a joke from one of her friends (who's boyfriend is black) with the word "n*****" in it. And she said it.

I don't consider myself a touchy person but  from my point of view,  you say it, even in the context of a story (and especially if you're not Black) you just lowered my perception of you - you make yourself look uneducated and ignorant. I told her I didn't hear the story but now I don't want to hear the story -
I think she took the hint, and we moved on *smh*
Maybe it's just me getting older but I've kinda had it up to "here" with not calling out things and just going with what's they might perceive as "nothing important". I mean...I don't think I'm being confrontational (that never solves anything anyway) but seriously....