Friday, November 17, 2017

almost regret taking yesterday off cause then I have to come back to the chaos that was today.
i loathe salesforce.
The whole 6th floor of my building was laid off yesterday via a conference call.
The deli downstairs is closing today.
My boss was like "it seems like everyone is getting laid off or quitting or miserable"....and yep it's does seem like that.

Heading for seafood tonight...haven't seen our friends in ages...maybe they're getting into a hermit phase (right when we're getting out of ours)...oh well.

Figured out who all the challenger reps are. Wrote to one to hopefully offer a rebuttal to asinine commentary from my current rep about planned parenthood.
Housewarming party for the old next door neighbors in Wylie tomorrow.
We bought Weary Boy tix for Austin Dec 1....woo

Still I got to read yesterday! Finished
- Breakaway(Portland Storm by Catherine Gayle - this whole book was him helping her get through her trauma or hockey plays. And I love's just I couldn't get locked in here. 
1001 Dark Nights - Tessa Bailey - I almost thought it was a vampire book at first? ha. Not sold but I'll see about trying more of hers
10 Dates: - Emily James - I finished it but yeah I struggled through this one. It's a constant struggle with contemporary books. It tried to be funny or cool and she really just mostly made her look foolish and immature. 

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Volunteered for Beto O'Rourke's town hall Thursday night. Glad I did.
And for selfish made me feel better to be able to say I'm not just bitching about things - I question, I research , I vote, I volunteer - I'm doing what I can.

Getting ready to have the fam over for our Thanksgiving today...
Jamies mom: (3 hours ago) should I make gravy?
Jamie's mom: (2 hours ago) let me know if I need to make gravy.
Jamie: (1 hour ago) no we don't need gravy.
Jamie's mom: (just now)  okay. well I'll make it anyway.
...*sigh*...ya just have to shake your head and laugh... quickly
stayed up kinda late to finish Penny Reid's "Ninja" -
Might've over done it with the reading eye keeps twitching. ....

(I kinda skimmed through the adventure part not gonna lie...) and with that one, I've now read all her books to date. It's kinda sad. Like a hermit hoarder, I held off as long as I could... She's definitely moved up to my favorite top 5 authors
Kissing Tolstoy - great chemistry and of course her logic lines are bomb.

Also finished Every Night I'm Yours (The Spinster Club Book 1) Christie Kelley - eh. best friends brother, hate to love. finished but barely hung on. Lots of pointlessness Won't finish the series. 

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

saved by love

So I went to San Antonio to hang out with my dad, he seems happy and settled.
It's so interesting to recall how he used to be with his past wives/girlfriends....he always had this kinda caged (?) energy. 
She's not at all who I would've thought he would've picked for his (maybe?) last wife.  
But yes...he's calmed. That's good.

Then back up to New Braunfels for Wurstfest.
Hottest one ever.
I wore my dirndl but just went with flip flops...putting high-socks on in 80 degrees was a no-go for me.
First time ever we saw a fight between a man and a woman happening there....
It coulda been also though that I wasn't shitfaced and spinning/dancing so much this year so I noticed a lot more?

...oy...maybe I'll forget last year's headache and go hard next year....cause not gonna is fun in the moment :) 

But yes...Wurstfest most always makes people happy...It's kinda hard to be angry with German tuba polka music playing in the background ...seriously...
the lady kept grabbing onto the man and he'd shake her off in a rage, yelling.
Jamie kinda went in to stop it...they just moved away and I guess were escorted out.  smh...

Then we left for Dallas to find that the biggest mass murder in Texas had happened in a church behind us.
Again, I grew up with a gun(s) in the house. The majority of the people I know owns a gun. The "come and take it" posts aren't necessary ....I'm not hearing people around here saying to take your guns away *insert eye roll here*. I think we should agree though that there is a proven common denominator for men who do this kind of atrocity. For those that have a history of domestic violence/abuse of any kind, they AT THE VERY LEAST  should not be allowed to buy/own a gun - especially an assault rifle. They don't know how to control themselves. And ladies please, you're the front line, say something.

And moving along, it's been year since the election - "sweeping victory for dems" is making the rounds on feeds today.
 Cynical me keeps wanting to warn people to stop with the "rah rah". They shouldn't care that their party has won/lost some victories....they should care to keep an eagle eye their reps so the same fuckup-ery doesn't continue to happen.
In other words...I really hope people (continue) to give a shit to how they're being represented and how/what laws are being made/passed on their behalf. ...

oy my pontification! bleh...

Get Lucky (Lucky in Love Book 1) - Lila Monroe - find love in Las Vegas story. eh. Emma Chase's was better. 
Wilde in Love: The Wildes of Lindow Castle - Eloisa James - she's still a favorite...but I hate to say it, this one was kinda boring. I liked them as characters but I've already kinda forgotten about them - if that says anything - also  I'm not a fan of inserting the kind of villian she did. And oddly, I recall thinking  that the detailed description of the clothing/fashion took precedence over the story...I like that kinda detail though soo and I know EJ posts stuff about clothing all the time so that 's her thing...maybe I'm just nitpicking. 
Maid for the Billionaire (Book 1) (Legacy Collection) - Ruth Cardello - eh....pure fantasy

My Sheldon-ita played some Chris Knight this morning....good call...