Wednesday, April 19, 2017

laughed out and over my head

so yes Saturday was a day of gals - Michaels, arts/crafts, lunch...and lots and lots of talking as  - girls are wont to do 

Then I was home by 4 and did my first ever Netflix binge-watch.
A British show called Chewing Gum....
some of the British vernacular went over my head,
I ultimately had to put closed captions on cause I couldn't understand what the f they were saying

but lord....I laughed and laughed.
Not gonna lie - a couple times so hard I about peed my pants.
I'm twitter stalking the gal now....:0)

Attempted to go to the DMV and was (naturally) let down on expectations and the "online reservation" process - ugh...

March for Science Saturday - trying to think of a sign - I'll never be as clever as nerdy science-y people. grr.
Did post to "the group" that Rick Perry will be speaking as "Head of Energy" at the Earth Day Fair park downtown on Friday though - people are vacillating between the vomit emoji and high amusement/sarcasm.

Also (of course) read:
Larissa Ione - Z (just have to kinda think that she'll always think she comes in second...right?) and Razr (he didn't do all that much for me....this was one of those times I loved the gal and her world much more. Hope she continues there)
Victoria Aveyard - Red Queen - good potential YA but not gonna lie, I skimmed through some parts. It's a mish mash of a lot of dystopian others. And not always the best parts.  I'll continue if it comes around. No die hard here.
Finished #3 and #4 of the EJamesEssex sisters - Not my favorite series of hers. I was entertained. thank you. 

Annnd I read an article today that said live music is dying - case it point Wormy Dog OKC is closing this month - I hope it's just a lull - I love live music. It's a huge stress relief.

To that end (poor choice of words) gonna go with a little old school Crystal Gayle

Friday, April 14, 2017

cheers to the freakin weekend!

Jamie's ditching me to go to the Arkansas Derby this weekend
...well not really ditching me I kinda nudged him to go. 
I've landed another day of gals tomorrow - then house to myself! score I feel kinda bad. He never wishes the house to himself. Like....never. 
But lord, a gal just need a respite from the energy every once in a while. 
I do miss him a little when he's gone.

Anyway...local elections are coming up. Signs are popping up.
He asked me the other day what my sign would look like if I was running for office.
I guess it got the wheels turning cause I woke up at 1:34 this morning thinking that I should look into running for city council.
Cause yeah -  why not? I can do it!!!!!!!!!

I've barely researched into it and find my rep is a lifer in the seat.
Goes away when she reaches her consecutive max and is back again.
She's running uncontested.
Politics in Texas is no joke.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

we vented husbands and politics. it was quite cathartic.

Meant to go to the Mega March but stayed and talked with my oldest best gal pal instead.
Every 6 months or so we try to catch up on everything in a few hours.
I swear our attention span and staying on topic is that of a squirrel.
or chipmunk?
Yes we vented husbands and politics, jobs etc.  it was cathartic. I highly recommend.
 We also saw "Get Out" - she dragged me - i'm not a fan of paying for things that scare me. I had a Stephen King/Dean Koontz phase a long time ago. I'm good.
mostly suspenseful/macabre -   eye opening in a way but generalizing in others. Again, I'm disheartened, 'cause all I could think is "there goes another one a girl ruined" I'll stick to my romance and HEA. thank you.

Back to the march, most everyone I know look at me funny and/or think that marching is pointless or isn't important -
I think it has a point and it is important - plus it's quintessential American. Someone said this:
They seem very similar to pep rallies the day of a football game. The pep rallies don't actually play the game and they certainly don't win the game. But they do:
a) generate "team spirit", and 
b) show the team all the people who support them, which will in turn c) increase likely game attendance later that day, which then 
d) buoys the spirits of the players who are actually playing the game, making it more likely that they will win.
I don't see why I wouldn't attend more through my lifetime.

we saw Charley Crockett in Bedford.
it's like a whole other land Bedford? kinda fun. 
As far as he went, I liked him - a little odd and awesome blend of old country and new orleans sound. Official fan. Plus you have to wonder how life-shaping it is to know you've come from a revered historical figure...

We went to see Jason Boland @ L&W and it was freaking packed - I've lost my interest for seeing more well-known bands at that venue. He still sounded good.

Finished #2 (good - as always - until the "you don't really love me" part. Ugh. he said it, he meant it. move on!)  and half through #3 of Essex EJames.
Also side re-reading LIone's Hades.
Tried reading "The Nest" - lost interest.