Monday, April 23, 2018

things no one tells you about getting older #1687

things no one tells you about getting older #1687 - having a cup of milk and a banana two days in a row for breakfast makes you gain four pounds in two days. Holy moly...i'm not kidding. This is bonkers....

Moving on - I posted last week on two of the dem pages I'm in,
Noting the seeming lack of uniformity/direction from the Dem party and questioning what the Dem leadership are actually doing while the "grassroots" move. -
couldn't help myself!

I knew I was going in with the high chance I was about nettle some people with my forthrightness but I'm getting frustrated and apparently (based on feedback) I wasn't alone.

Surprisingly only a couple were notably irked. After dm'ing a few of the people who posted responses, I got really great feedback actually!
One of which is to tie in to the precinct chair - as they're a direct connection to the Dem party.
I looked into my precinct chair - unsurprisingly I don't have one - mine's one of the farthest away from the county court. It's a 40 minute drive and you have to attend meetings. Still it's important to note.

The other dem page that I posted to - i got a dm this morning saying that the admins weren't going to approve it because it didn't meet their guidelines and they were concerned about the controversy.
I get it, I's just I really think that these things need to be addressed/discussed - this might be one of the many reasons we (they) got here in the first place...right?...or maybe not...what do I know.

We went to the horse races on RR game over the weekend for La's birthday. She sent me an email Friday talking about crazy Left-wing media bias and guns don't kill people and checking on spoons cause they apparently make you fat as a comparison....I wrote back saying "can you describe the spoon thing? Cause all I thought after reading it was “if a person wants to eat themselves to death with a spoon then that’s a personal choice they made about their own life…”. How does that compare with a gun that can be used irresponsibly to kill someone?"

Also watched Amy Schumer's new movie - good message, just kinda missed the mark somewhere and only a couple laughs. Still a fan.

 I didn't try reading anything new this time - wasn't actually home a lot. Just re-reading scenes from favorite books. Trehan Daciano, Kulti. Can't go wrong there.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

my social butterfly limit was reached over the weekend.
Dinner with friends Friday and Saturday.
Book club Saturday/met one of my favorite authors - and she was as lovely as I'd hope she'd be. I asked if she intentionally went in writing a book to torture her people like how she does...and she basically said "yes and you're welcome".... heh
"Good Luck with That" was pretty heavy (no pun intended)...if there was one thing that got on my nerves it's that each of them pointed out too many times that the" biggest one was the biggest one". And after a while just wish she'd move on from each mentioning weight/body image...
but I guess that was the point...that it takes over lives as they let it - it took a couple days for me to read. I'm sure she's gonna get major backlash...but I think she knows it. She definitely went there.

Then Dem gal group Sunday for fundraising committee - I think I irritated one when I said a luncheon sounded boring to me. I probably should've not been so blunt....i can't help myself sometimes. Seriously though....same old boring status quo...this is the problem...can we have a Latin or Bluegrass night or something fun to really interest a lot of people (not just a certain kind)? on that thought

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

once upon a time, back in college days, a gal and her friend decided to take a road trip to Atlanta.
Pensacola (on the way) had a great beach AND a military base. *score for the gals!*
So naturally,the picture below is what we pictured in our mind - a line-up (just for us) on the way to the beach!
And well.... we did see very attractive men - it just turned out that the men were attracted to each other - we'd some how parked ourselves on the gay beach. Oh was fun!

Fast forward 15ish years - I hear that the National Guard is being rounded up (for no logical reason) to basically spend a whole lot of our tax $ to watch our border patrol agents do their jobs.

I mean several coastal towns are still struggling after Harvey right?
Or...umm how about Puerto Rico?

BUT! well...a gal can (once again) picture the below to make the situation seem just a little better - right? We're heading back down to El Paso in July...I don't know what a National Guard uniform looks like, but maybe they'll be lined up like this just for us!!
Image may contain: 1 person, standing

Had dinner friday with my dad and aunt - I'm worried for her, I'm not sure how any single person really makes it as a real estate agent.

Went to the book club last night to get the new Kristan Higgins book before meeting her on Saturday. The book is apparently about weight issues and it was a touchy subject for those that had already read it. One DNF even. wow. Still... fun group, I'll likely go again. Plus one of the gals used the word "buttress" in description and *lightbulb* who but reader people use good words any more?! I dig it.

Finished: Christi  Caldwell - The Hellion - I liked the not typical gal but still it jumped from interest to love super quick...
Lisa Kleypas - Because you're mine - capital theater #2...i'd apparently bought this and forgot. I found it at 0% in my library. Sheltered girl runs away to escape arranged marriage.